Growing shared value with our community

Spectrum takes pride in creating a legacy of positive social, economic and physical impacts for the communities in which we invest. We create more than just buildings and understand the projects we build have a lasting impact on communities they serve.

Along with attracting more than 4,500,000 visitors a year, the Outlets of Mississippi cemented the Bloomfield Development and created over 1600 jobs in Rankin County. The Outlets have become a point of pride with the community, with more than $1,000,000 invested in local artwork & craft, décor, memorabilia and other elements used to educate and promote the State of Mississippi. Other elements include:

  • 1200 Sq Ft of space dedicated to the Mississippi Development Authority
  • Murals of Mississippi Landscapes
  • Educational Signage focused of the five regions of Mississippi and Mississippi Achievements
  • 20′ tall, Cherokee Marble, Iconic Mississippi Blues Trail and Mississippi Country Music Trail Monument
  • Outdoor kiosks promoting local artists from the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi

Alongside our efforts in Rankin County, Spectrum takes pride in working with the following non-profits.

  • Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi
  • Junior League of Jackson
  • Boys & Girls Club of Central MS